St Nicholas's Church, Rawreth

Church Details

Locking Status
Usually open - keyholder details available if not
Tower C15
Restoration Architect
Rev Ernest Geldart (rector of Little Braxted)

External Images

St Nicholas, Rawreth Church - With a few exceptions, the church is dated 1882, to the design 
of Rev. Ernest Geldart, rector of Little Braxted.

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St Nicholas, Rawreth Church - This view from the south shows the mismatch of the different 
parts of the church. One would perhaps expect that it was the chancel that was 
built at a different time to the nave, but in fact, both were built in 1882. The 
only exceptions to this date are the tower, the S aisle and (not shown) the W 
wall of the N aisle.
My lovely Julie poses for us once again in front of the nave.

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St Nicholas, Rawreth Church

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St Nicholas, Rawreth Church - The tower is dated much earlier than the main part of the 
church, having been built in the 15th century.

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Internal Images

St Nicholas, Rawreth Church - Although keyholder information was given for this church, I 
was unable to get any response. These shots through the window were the best 
interior views I could therefore get.

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St Nicholas, Rawreth Church

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