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What you can and cannot do with this website

The vast majority of images presented upon this site are my own. Obvious exceptions are, of course, those within the Postcards tab, and those clearly marked as belonging to another person.

Personal and Non-Commercial Usage

For images that belong to me, you are free to reproduce the image as published for your own personal and non-commercial use provided that:

If you are unable to comply with any of these conditions, then permission to reproduce these images is not granted to you.

If, for non-commercial or charitable use, you require high-resolution versions of the images, rather than those which are available directly on the website, then a small retrieval/processing charge of £2.49 per image will be payable. I will also need specific details of the publication type, print run etc. before this can be arranged.

Commercial Usage

Certain commercial uses of my images will be permissible, without fees, but the vast majority of commercial uses will incur payments. These payments are variable, and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please email me using the Contact page for further details.

Text Copyright

I hold no stake to a lot of the textual copyright on this site. Indeed, a lot of the text from the entries is derived from other sources, such as Nikolaus Pevsner's Buildings of England Series. Where I have re-used text from another source, I have obtained prior permission, and, wherever possible, credit is given.

However, the compilation or creation of all of the text in the context of this site can be considered to be my work, and therefore no wholesale duplication is permitted.

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