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Largest Site

You've reached what I believe is the largest free-to-view collection of Essex church images on the Internet.

The site is a mixture of images taken mainly by the author, but with some from other photographers. We no longer accept submissions for inclusion on the website from others, unless they are exceptional or rare images.

Original church photos (between 2002 and 2008) were all added to the site at the now seemingly miniscule size of 460 pixels on the long side. From 2008/9, high quality church photographs at 800 pixels (long side) began to be used.

The Goal

The intention is to encompass all churches of any architectural note in the county of Essex. The original, rather strict criteria for inclusion, was Church of England, 1930s or earlier; though rather quickly, the scope was widened to cover any Christian church of any period - with the only real stipulation that it must have some serious architectural interest. You can read more about the history and development of the site by selecting "Site History" from the menu above.

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