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To the memory of Mary the vertuous wife of George Maule Rector of this Parish, & Charles their Onely Child: Shee was the daughter of Justinian Champneis of Wrotham, and of Sarah, daughter of John Darell of Calehill in Kent, Esquires. Shee dyed Septemb. 4th 1659. Reader, putt of thy shooes, thou tread'st on Holy earth, Where lyes the rarest Phoenix, and Her Onely Birth; Whom Shee survived; O strange unheard of wonder! But (Alas;) now dead, those pavements buried under: Lament her loss, the world growes worse; of her rare brood There is None left to breed the like; Shee was so good: Blest Saint! onee myne AEquall; O might I now adore thee! Thy bliss, My loss, that thou to rest art gon before mee: O let thy Cinders warme that Bed of dust for mee, (Thy mournfull Husband) till I come to ly by Thee. Lugens fudit G: M: supradict Sacr. Theolog. Baccalaur.

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