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UPPER INSCRIPTION Near this place lye the remains of Mrs Matilda Lockwood, daughter of George Vernon Esq of Sudbury in Derbyshire; by Catherine daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon Kt, and wife of Richard Lockwood Esq of Dews-Hall in this parish: with whom she liv'd in all conjugal affection 31 years, and had a numerous offspring; of which five sons and two daughters are now living. To her husband she indear'd herself by every act of Kindness & Condescension. To all her children by an attentive, impartial care of them, with a prudent, not indulgent, tenderness to her relations she was respectful with her friends. Remarkably cheerful, open and sincere; To all mankind affable, to her inferiors very obliging and by all who knew her either near or at a Distance, she was esteem'd One of the most amiable and best of Women for she had all the advantage of a natural-charming Temper, Accomplish'd Behaviour, and good Understanding that could adorne this Life. And all the inward blessings of Christian Virtue and Piety which might intitle her to a Better. She dyed November ye 25th in ye Year of our Lord 1743 and the 54th of her Age. To whose memory her loving and mournful husband put up this Marble as ye last tribute of his Esteem. LOWER INSCRIPTION Be it Sacred Likewise, To the memory of Richard Lockwood Esq, second son of Richard Lockwood Esq of Gayton in Northamptonshire; by Susannah, daughter & sole heiress of Edward Cutts Esq. Early in life he went to Turkey to improve his fortune; But his Elder Brother Dying to whose Estate he was Heir, he return'd to England, & being of an Active Disposition, not only Carried on an Extensive Traffic for some Years, But being chosen into Several Parliaments, gave a Constant Attendance; Serving his Country & Constituents with an untainted Integrity, & unshaken Firmness, in the Decline of Life, thinking himself incapable of doing his Country any Farther Publick Service, he retir'd from the Fatigues of Busyness to his seat at DEWS-HALL; & Past the last Scene of his Life in a Chearfull enjoyment if his Family & Friends, And a truly religious Service of his God. Thus prepared he arrived at that period of Life, which at best, is but labour & sorrow, and by a gradual decay, Expir'd on the 31st day of August 1756, in the 78th Year of his age.

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