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Sacred to the memory of James Bury Esq of Leonards in this parish who died afer a short illness of two days on the 4th of July 1823 in the 59th year of his age.   In the faithful exercise of those exemplary virtues which render the life of man valuable on earth, he fulfilled the duties of a kind and indulgent husband, a tender and affectionate father, a sincere friend, and a benevolent man.   It pleased providence to bestow a blessing on his active and persevering industry honorably and judiciously applied and to grant him abundant temporal prosperity, the fruits of which he liberally enjoyed and justly distributed amongst his surviving family, in whose grateful remembrance he will ever live.   Also to the memory of Edmund Bury Esqr. The second son of James Bury Esqr and Elizabeth his wife, who died at Azimghur in the East Indies on the 11th of November 1824 in the 28th year of his age.   He was appointed to the office of joint magistrate of Azimghur in the civil service of the honorable East India Company, under the Bengal government, and died alas prematurely on his arrival at that station, where his mortal remains are interred.   A disconsolate widow with her five surviving sons and three daughters in severe sensibility at the loss of two relatives so nearly and dearly allied have erected this monument, the last sad memorial of their affection and regret.

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